American Dream
Japan Dream

ROJEN Entertainment
will be the agent that directly connects
Hollywood and Japan for everyone in the entertainment industry.

A Casting director, who is in charge of over 40 commercials a year, will arrange a commercial that fits your needs.
Top-notch instructors will guide you in Hollywood acting, musician training, and English lessons.
The CTO of the No. 1 AI company that consults the top 43 companies will lead your business to success in America and Japan.
A commercial team that has worked on Hollywood movies will support you in your direction.
We can help you get a visa to immigrate to the U.S., and introduce you to lawyers, and make your life in the U.S. smoother.
Quickly get a base in the US. We can help you select a home, introduce you to real estate agents, and the experts in buying and selling homes.
The lawyers specialize in international transactions, M&A, overseas expansion, and court cases related to corporate activities to support your business.
Use of characters and brands for promotion in the US. Create a new value for your brand.
ROJEN® Entertainment is a group of specialists!
ROJEN® ENTERTAINMENT provides American actors, actresses, musicians and celebrities
with opportunities to work in Japan through our extensive network in Japan.
Japanese casting directors will support Japanese actors, actresses, musicians,
and celebrities in their activities in Japan.

AI Technology Company CTO

The CTO of one of the top AI companies in the U.S. will provide direct support to you or your company.

Casting Director

Japanese casting director, paving the way for commercials.
Hilton Hotels / Japan McDonald's / Unilever / Airbnb / Rakuten Mobile, Inc. / HP Japan Inc. / Dell Technologies Small and Medium Business

International Business Attorney

Lawyers involved in international transactions, overseas expansion,
M & A, etc. will advise you.

Business alliances with top U.S. companies

The best contracts tailored to each companies with the top consulting teams in the U.S.

NFTs Metavers

World's top NFTs, Partnerships with metaverse companies, Top influencers in the NFTs world.

Japanese Food to the World

Revolutionizing the U.S. gastronomic scene through partnerships with Japanese food and Sake companies.

FEATURE of ROJEN® Entertainment


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Examples of Management

We can also manage all other aspects of your expansion into the United States.


Our commercial team casts actors based on Japanese TV commercials. In Hollywood, we work with over 43 of the top entertainment, corporate,
and sports consulting companies in the U.S. We provide large-scale promotion and corporate consulting services with AI technology company for everything from movies distributed in the U.S.

Joseph Enochs

AI Technology Company CTO

The CTO of one of the top AI technology company in the U.S. will directly consult Japanese companies in each phase of their business.

Joseph has consulted for many major movie studios, top sports teams,

the Los Angeles state government, and top 43 companies in the US.

ROJEN ENTERTAINMENT is a great way to connect directly with the CTO who can consult directly with companies.

Rie Matsuura

Casting Director

She has been in charge of casting in Japan for many years.

The team she leads specializes in commercials and conducts nearly 40 castings a year.

The situation in Japan is different from that in the U.S. and appearing in an advertisement can be of great value.

Japan Commercial ROJEN ENTERTAINMENT Specialist

Casting Director

In 1999, she joined Aoi Advertising Promotion (now AOI Pro. Inc.), where she worked as a casting director for 16 years until 2015.

She moved from the desk to the casting department and worked as a casting director, gaining a lot of experience in casting mainly for commercial advertisements.


Unilever/Lipton Yellow label

Defactostandard Ltd./Brandear

Benesse Corporation/Petit Pocket DVD

Japan McDonaldʼs/McDonaldʼs (Happy set, Kito Nagets, Minions

ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd./ROHTO GOLD40

HOUSE Wellness Foods Corp./UKON NO CHIKARA

Hilton Hotels/Stop Clicking Start


Airbnb/Tokyo version

JTB/Look JTB Hawaii, Bali, Singapore series

HP Japan Inc/HP corporate advertisement

Zeria Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd./Chondroitin

SAISON Automobile&Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.

Rakuten Mobile, Inc./Rakuten Magazine

Dell Technologies Small and Medium Business/Dell Technologies SMB

Lion Corporation

ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. /Mentholatum AD Cream

Hoyu Co., Ltd/Menʼs BIGEN One Push, Color Rinse

<Music PV>

Have a Nice Day ! PV「My Name is Blue」

李宇春Chris Lee PV「流⾏」

Sonoko Inoue PV「Sekai de Ichiban」



NY•JAPAN International Business Attorney

After graduating from Keio University Faculty of Law and Harvard Law School, he became an attorney in Japan and New York State. After working in corporate legal departments and law firms, he is now a partner at OMM Law Offices. He advises clients on international transactions, overseas expansion (Europe, the U.S., Asian countries, etc.), mergers and acquisitions, capital and business alliances, trials and disputes related to corporate activities, and other legal issues related to corporate activities.

  • 1996 Awarded a Bachelor of Laws by Keio University
  • 1999 Registered in Japan (Tokyo Bar Association)
  • 1999 Yanagida & Nomura (currently Yanagida & Partners) (until 2014, served as a partner since 2007)
  • 2003 Daiwa Securities Group Inc. (until 2005, on loan from Yanagida & Nomura)
  • 2006 Awarded a Master of Laws by Harvard Law School
  • 2009 Compliance Committee Member at Daiwa Real Estate Assent Management Co. Ltd. (until 2014, part-time)
  • 2010 Registered in New York
  • 2010 Outside Audit and Supervisory Board Member at Alpine Electronics, Inc. (until 2014, part-time)
  • 2014 Corporate Officer and Head of Legal and Compliance Division at Bellsystem24 Holdings, Inc. (until 2016)
  • 2016 Tanase Law Office (until 2018, served as a partner)
  • 2018 Founded Yonemori International Law Office
  • 2020 Participated in OMM Law Office as a partner



Weekly Japanese Entertainment Magazine.

Monthly English Magazine introducing Japanese Culture and Trends.

Monthly Spanish Magazine introducing Japanese Culture and Trends.

We here at International Food Creations, a company that works with multiple business segments like supermarkets, university, and large office outlets.

U.S FrontLine is a Japanese-language nationwide magazine that has the largest circulation in the U.S. Our coverage dive into everything people need such as economic news, entertainment news, health topics, food reviews, community updates and job placement information.

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成分:オーガニックココナッツオイル/オーガニックハニービーワックス/オーガニックステビア/美整オイル(オーガニック特殊製法マカデミアナッツオイル/オーガニックオメガ3-6-7&9(植物由来)/オーガニックビタミンE(植物由来)/オーガニックイタリアイトスギ葉油/オーガニックパチュリ油/オーガニックシトロネラール/オーガニックバクホウシアシトリオドラ葉油/オーガニックローズウッド木油)/ オーガニックラズベリーフレーバー


成分:オーガニックココナッツオイル/オーガニックハニービーワックス/オーガニックステビア/美整オイル(オーガニック特殊製法マカデミアナッツオイル/オーガニックオメガ3-6-7&9(植物由来)/オーガニックローズドメイオットー/オーガニックホワイトローズオットー/オーガニックダマスクローズオットー/オーガニックビタミンE(植物由来)/オーガニックイタリアイトスギ葉油/オーガニックパチュリ油/オーガニックシトロネラ油/オーガニックバクホウシアシトリオドラ葉油 / オーガニックラズベリーフレーバー


成分:オーガニック特殊製法マカデミアナッツオイル/オーガニックオメガ3-6-7&9(植物由来)/オーガニックローズオットー/オーガニックビタミンE(植物由来)/ オーガニックイタリアイトスギ葉油/オーガニックパチュリ油/オーガニックシトロネラ油/オーガニックバクホウシアシトリオドラ葉油 / 24K純金

成分:オーガニック特殊製法マカデミアナッツオイル/オーガニックオメガ3-6-7&9(植物由来)/オーガニックローズオットー/オーガニックビタミンE(植物由来)/ オーガニックイタリアイトスギ葉油/オーガニックパチュリ油/オーガニックシトロネラ油/オーガニックバクホウシアシトリオドラ葉油